KOLKATA:"This is a strange state where one can get absolute freedom if he surrenders to CM Mamata Banerjee. Bimal Gurung wanted to return to the hills. So, he surrenders to Mamata Banerjee. Chatradhar Mahato moves freely. Now let's see what happens to the criminal cases of Gurung, " said BJP MP and state President Paschim Banga, Dilip Ghosh.

In a significant political development, West Bengal’s “most wanted” Gorkhaland leader Bimal Gurung, who remained a fugitive since 2017, made his first public appearance in the state only to announce snapping of ties with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

“The BJP has not done anything for our demand of Gorkhaland. We are snapping ties with them. In the 2021 Assembly elections, we will join hands with the TMC and fight the BJP,” Gurung said while addressing the media in Kolkata.