NEW DELHI: BJP President JP Nadda on Thursday accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of doing politics of appeasement and vote bank in the state.

"On August 5, the foundation stone of Ram Temple was laid. It was the wish of crores of Indians and on August 5 its 'Shilanyas' was done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji but it is very sad that on August 5 Mamata didi imposed a lockdown in the state. However, on July 31, on Bakri Eid, the lockdown was lifted. This vote bank and appeasement politics which creates anti-Hindu mindset is Mamata didi's politics in West Bengal," Nadda said while addressing West Bengal BJP state executive meeting via video conference.

Nadda further said, "I was happy that lockdown was lifted on July 31, but what was the cause for imposing lockdown on August 5. It is the politics of appeasement and vote bank."
"I urge party members to make people aware of this politics of vote bank and appeasement by Mamata ji. Tell people that she does not have affection for people of the state and she does politics for the sake of maintaining her position," he added.

The state assembly elections are scheduled to take place in May next year.